You’ll definitely want to download this productivity app sooner rather than later.
Sooner does a good job of unifying time management needs into one handy interface. There are likely a hundred different ways (and apps) to achieve time management nirvana, but if you take the time to set it up, Sooner does it with singular aplomb!

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Sooner breaks away from the seemingly endless agenda-and-30-boxes approach that most use.

Sooner has been designed to get the best of the small multitouch display providing key information in a matter of seconds.
Saving time and effort is what task management apps should be all about and Sooner clearly achieves that.

The wheel-based interface is certainly striking, and it allows users to create a task in one gesture.

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11 productivity tips with Sooner

  • break big ideas into small, executable tasks

    Decide what you’re going to do before starting in on a major project. 10 minutes spent planning a series of tasks that have clear result expectations will save lot of time by removing opportunities for procrastination.

    Sooner: create a project and add executable tasks

  • set deadlines

    Deadlines provide a sense of urgency that gets you working on something. When you complete one task, set a deadline for the next one, and so on, until the entire project is completed.

    Sooner: set deadlines for tasks and projects

  • list 3-5 important things to do the next day

    At the end of each day, make list of what you need to achieve the next day. This helps to keep your deadlines moving forward, your expectations realistic, and your project on schedule.

    Sooner: assign tasks to time slots for the next day

  • plan your week by identifying important but not urgent tasks

    Are you always pushing pack important tasks because you never have the time to do them and they never become urgent? Add them to the top of your schedule and resolve to address at least one each day.

    Sooner: look out for tasks marked in red

  • when you list your tasks, set alerts for when they need to be done

    Writing down tasks helps to free your mind from unnecessary must-not-forget worries, especially if you set alert notifications so you’ll be reminded when you need to address them.

    Sooner: set reminders for tasks

  • work on your project a little every day

    Major projects like starting a new business, writing a novel or learning a new skill become much easier and deliver better results if you maintain momentum by addressing the repeating tasks as well as the new ones.

    Sooner: create recurring tasks

  • schedule “focus time”

    Focus on one thing at a time. Multitasking can actually cut back on your productivity and the quality of your output. Schedule blocks of time to focus only on one task or one project and don’t allow yourself to be distracted or interrupted.

    Sooner: Plan a schedule of timeboxes

  • actually do what you need to do

    The key to productivity is to actually do what you need to do – don’t just think or talk about it. If you’re learning a new skill, spend time practicing that skill. Don’t get distracted by less important or non-time-critical activities.

    Sooner: Check at the end of the day or week to make sure you’ve done what you planned

  • understand when you’re most productive

    Be sure to address higher-priority tasks at your most productive time of day. These time slots will be different for everyone, so you might want to start recording your progress daily to identify them.

    Sooner: Plan important tasks for your productive time

  • take regular breaks

    Try taking a break if you’re stuck on something. Sometimes your brain just needs to be recharged, so grab a cup of coffee, go for a short walk, take a nap, or even a day off. Often, the best ideas come when you’re not thinking about the task at hand.

    Sooner: Move unfinished tasks to another timeslot

  • start as soon as possible

    Appropriate preparation is valuable, but it is also easy to lose yourself in the planning and end up procrastination. Challenge yourself to take action sooner rather than later. Action such as building a prototype or communicating your ideas will give you valuable feedback that will help you move forward.

    Sooner: Pick any task from the main screen and get to work!